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Intel readies now low-powers Sandy Bridge chips

Taiwanese notebook makers say Intel is to add a new bunch of low-power Sandy Bridge processors to its Huron River platform.

The Huron River platform combines the outfit's 32nm Sandy Bridge processor with the QS67/QM67 chipset, with added wireless circuitry - either Wi-Fi or WiMax.

According to Digitimes which has been hearing whispers from local notebook makers in Taiwan, the new chips are destined for notebooks that will start to eppear early in 2011.

The news site lists the new processors as: Intels Core i7-2640LM, -2620LM, -2630UM and -2610LM plus a Core i5-2530UM.

Intel also plans to launch a new Celeron-branded processor under the label B801 for the entry-level notebook market, the news outfit said.