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Pics : Eric Schmidt Shows Google Nexus S Smartphone

Eric Schmidt, the CEO Of Google, pulled out a Google Nexus S Smartphone at the Web 2.0 summit in front of cameras for everyone to see.

In front of John Battelle,

Tim O'Reilly and (our own Andy Evans who was in the audience) he showed a smartphone that looks very much like the Samsung Galaxy S and said that it will have NFC capabilities, something we discussed extensively with Gemalto a few days ago.

Near Field Communication may replace credit cards and convert your mobile phone into the equivalent of an electronic wallet.

Back in October, Androidandme mentioned that the Nexus S would add support for MasterCard paypass which means that the phone may have built-in RFID electronics and that Gingerbread will have native RFID/NFC support.

Schmidt did not reveal who the manufacturer would be or when the unnanounced phone would be released. Engadget has more pictures and the confirmation that T-Mobile will indeed be the mobile phone operator.

You can follow Andy @digitalandy if you want to get live tweets from the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.