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Sony Admits PSP Go Price Drop Was An Error

Sony has clarified that the latest price cuts of its PSP Go on its online store in the UK were the result of a "website error".

CVG had reported that Sony had slashed the price of the ailing handheld device for a second time in a month, having previously reducing the RRP from £225 to £169.99. According to the report, the device was now available for £129.

However now, the Japanese gaming giant has said that the second and most recent price cut was due to a website error and was not an official move.

Sony had earlier slashed the UK price of PSP Go by £65 due to sluggish sales. The Go having been unable to make a dent in the market in comparison to its predecessor the PSP Slim.

Earlier in November, a senior Electronic Arts executive had confirmed the existence of a PSP 2 to CVG. Sony is developing the new gaming console to come in the handheld market.