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Three Mobile Broadband Users Get Free Access To The Times

Three has announced that its mobile broadband customers will be able to bypass the pay-wall and access content on The and The Sunday for free.

The move is part of a three month trial period, after which Three's pay-as-you-go customers will continue to enjoy free access to The Times website and iPad app if they recharge every 30 days. Three's monthly contract subscribers will have to pay £2 weekly subscription for access on both the websites.

Alys Mathew, the head of Customer Propositions Mobile Broadband at Three, said in a statement: "As more people consume news online, a partnership with The Times is a perfect offer for our mobile broadband customers. Three's network has over 97 per cent population coverage for 3G services, so weíre happy to expand the reach of The Times online readership across the country to more mobile devices."

News International, the parent company of The Times and The Sunday Times, hopes that the move will bring more readers to its site after visits fell by 90 per cent after the pay-wall was implemented.

The company has also erected a pay-wall around its News of the World website, as well as that of the Wall Street Journal.