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Toshiba Cans Folio 100 Launch Down Under

It's not only in the UK that Toshiba has decided to remove the Folio 100 Android-based tablet from the market; in Australia, the Japanese company confirmed that a pre-Christmas launch was out of question.

Speaking ChannelNews in Australia, Rob Wilkinson, the main in charge of Toshiba's Information Systems Division said that the company had planned to launch at least two Folio tablets.

Wilkinson did not give further details to explain why Toshiba decided to postpone the launch of the tablet in Australia.

The Folio 100 was officially presented to the public at the beginning of September 2010 and was labelled as a mobile internet device.

The device's specifications were exceptionally good for the price of £329; Nvidia Tegra 2, a 10.1-inch capacitive multitouch display with a 1024x600 pixels resolution, 16GB onboard, Wi-Fi, Blu-ray, Froyo, HDMI, support for Flash 10.1, a 1.3-megapixel webcam and weighing a mere 760g.

However soon problems have crept up; some users reported colour bands, while the lack of Flash 10.1 and multitouch support made users irate (and explained the high rate of returns).