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Verizon Hints At Return Of The Kin

US wireless carrier Verizon is planning to bring back Microsoft's Kin smartphones for the upcoming holiday season.

According to PPCGeeks, a source within Verizon leaked a PDF file detailing the company's Q4 product line-up. The file proves that the company is looking to revive Microsoft's failed attempt to conquer the smartphone market.

The Kin series, which originally comprised of Kin One and Kin Two, was launched by the Windows giant in June. After only six weeks of entering the market, the smartphone line was axed by the company so that they could solely concentrate on Windows Phone 7.

The phones even received an online memorial by the select few handset owners.

According to Engadget, the smartphones will not come with dedicated data packages but will be offered under the text and voice call plans.

Kin One comes with a 5MP camera, social networking features and a 4GB internal memory while Kin Two has an 8MP camera, HD video recording capabilities and 8GB on-board memory.

Will the Kin phones be able to make a better impression this time round? What are your opinions? We would like to know.