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Vint Cerf Suggests Cash For Clunkers Scheme For IPv6 Equipment

Google's Vice President and chief Internet evangelist, Vint Cerf, warned UK businesses that doing nothing to transition to IPv6 is not an option and suggested that the UK government introduces tax credits to encourage companies to migrate to IPv6 equipment.

Eweekeurope reports that Cerf suggested that "some thought be given to tax credit for upgrade of equipment to v6 capability before adding "You’d have to do the math to see what impact it would have, but creating some business incentive might be helpful.”

The "cash for clunkers" scheme was used successfully in the UK by car manufacturers (and consumer electronic companies) to encourage cash-strapped customers to upgrade.

Whatever route is taken, time is running out as the number of IPv4 addresses run low; it is estimated that the last batches of IPv4 addresses will be released towards the end of 2011.

In a scenario that's not dissimilar to the Y2K bug more than 10 years ago, some network operators intervening at the 6UK event acknowledged that convincing customers to move to IPv6 has proved to be a difficult cookie to crack.