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Vodafone updates HTC Legend handsets to Android 2.2

Mobile phone network Vodafone has started to roll out the latest Google mobile OS in the form of Android ‘Froyo' 2.2, to HTC Legend mobile phones running on their network.

HTC posted on Facebook last week their Legend handsets were due to receive an update to Android 2.2, where Vodafone customers today with that very mobile phone received an Over The Air notification message relating to the arrival of Froyo.

The Vodafone branded Legend devices can be upgraded to the latest version of Android OTA, although the update recommends downloading over WIFI as the file size is over 80MB and this can severely impact the accompanying tariff's data allowance.

Customers that have already updated their handsets have reported an overall increase in speed, the ability to install applications to the microSD card, Voice Search and the SMS sorting bug that plagued the shipping handset is now fixed.

Other noticeable changes have been along the lines of the photo section has now been renamed ‘Gallery', Video now has its own application, with app sharing and live wallpapers making a welcomed appearance.

All of these changes fall in line with Android ‘Froyo' 2.2 feature range, which have been seen on other handsets upgrading from Android ‘Éclair' 2.1.

HTC usually rolls out updates to the SIM free and unlocked versions of their phones first, with network branded handsets being the last to receive the update. On this occasion the reverse has happened - with HTC falling silent on when their unbranded Legends will have Froyo deployed.

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