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1 In 10 Of Brits Admit To Facebook Fumble

A recent survey has revealed that around 11 per cent of Brits have had sex with someone they met on Facebook.

The survey, which was conducted for a new UK TV show 'Sex Rehab',involving 2,000 UK adults,found that almost half of the respondents admitted to having sent sexual text messages to people other than their partners. A further 35 per cent of participants sent illicit pictures of themselves in the messages.

Amongst the other findings, three in ten people admitted to watching online porn by themselves, while one in every six adults watched porn with their partners.

One night stands were also quite popular with the majority of those surveyed having at least 1 one night stand in the last six months.

It was found that the workplace also helped in sculpting the sex lives of Brits with one in every ten people admitting to having sex with a colleague.

The survey also found that 14 million Brits have had sex outdoors, in places such as shopping centres and toilets.