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4 Reasons Why the iPhone 5 Won't Be Released In January 2011

A few months ago, a persistent rumour emerged saying that the Apple iPhone 5 smartphone will be released in January 2011, just over six months after its predecessor appeared.

Its roots laid in the recurring issues Apple encountered with the antenna of the iPhone 4, so much so that it quickly earned the name of antennagate and has been a major source of embarrassment for the company.

But as we approach the beginning of next year, we dug out the reasons why you won't see any iPhone 5 in January next year.

Should the Apple iPhone 5 be launched in January, it is likely to clash with the new iPad. Apple never launches too flagship products at the same time because it can send mix messages and dilutes the value of the proposition.

As for the very reason why many expected the iPhone 4 to be swiftly replaced by version 5, well it seems to have disappeared just as fast. A quick look at the amount of search for the terms "iPhone 4 antenna" shows that its search volume dropped sharply shortly after the iPhone 4 was launched.

Then there's the fact that any alteration of the release cycle of the iPhone would send the wrong signals to analysts and experts; this would show that, rather than caring for its customers, Apple might be nervous about the competition.

An early iPhone 5 Launch, midway in the traditional cycle, will kill sales of the iPhone 4 within days and that, in Apple's world is simply unacceptable. Juggling two competing products within the same segment would be counterproductive and costly.