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Apple iTunes To Sell Beatles Tracks

Apple has announced that it will be selling all 13 Beatles Studio albums and special digital box set as from today after it managed to secure agreements with Apple Corps and EMI.

The songs of the most iconic music group in the world took almost eight years before they joined the biggest online music catalog of them all, nearly 30 years after a deal was stuck between Apple Corps and Apple that proved to be the main reason why the Beatles refused to joined iTunes.

Apple penned an agreement back in 1981, promising to Apple Corps, the entity in charge of managing the Beatles' own affairs, that it will not enter the music market in order to keep its name.

Ten years later, Apple Corps receive a significant lump sum from Apple after the company started producing computers with music capabilities.

However, back in September 2003, Apple Corps challenged Apple in the court over iTunes. The court ruled in Apple's favour in May 2006 with the Beatles saying that they will not sell their music online.

The announcement today of the entry of the Beatles music catalogue in the online digital world could have a ripple effect on the UK charts for the next few months especially in the build up to the Christmas number one.

Furthermore, other companies - like 7Digital - are likely to get access to the Beatles music in the next few weeks as a new generation of fans discover music by the Liverpudlian group.