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The Beatles are on iTunes

As far as life-changing announcements go, Apple's recent revelation that you can buy some 30-year-old music on iTunes is about as exciting as the folks at Pot Noodle announcing that they'll soon be releasing a new Plain Flavour.

Look, we love the Beatles as much as the next man, but making everyone hang around in anticipation for 24 hours and presenting the news that the Fab Four's songs are available from the biggest flogger of music on the planet is hardly going to qualify as 'a day you'll never forget', is it?

Apart from the fact that anyone with access to the Internet has been bombarded with rumours about the Liverpool beat combo's imminent appearance on iTunes, it's just not big news to most people.

Anyone over the age of 30 will already have as much of the outfit's back-catalogue as they're ever likely to buy, and anyone under 30 just won't give a fiddler's fart.

We can remember a time when Apple announcements were exciting, even if you weren't a died-in-the-wool fanboy.

To be honest, since the announcement of the original iPhone, and maybe with a nod to the iPad (although that was subject to so many leaks it was all a bit of a damp squib) Apple's 'special announcements' are all getting a bit too much like the boy crying wolf for our liking.

There will come a time when media outlets will get so sick of Apple's media machine leading them a merry dance that they'll lose all of that good will, and with it the thousands of column inches of free publicity which ride on the back of the company's every word.

You have been warned Mr Jobs.

We're cheered up by the fact that the news Nazis at Fox News covered the story referring to the Beatles as "Manchester's favorite mopheads". Fingers on the pulse as ever.