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Facebook Gives Microsoft One More reason To Buy It

The announcement by Facebook yesterday of the revamped version of Messages may finally convince Microsoft of shelling out big money to acquire Facebook.

The social networking website is not (officially) on sale but Zuckerberg might want to move several notches up, fill up the gap left by Ray Ozzie, the departing chief software architect at Microsoft, and become the (long term) heir apparent to Steve Ballmer.

More importantly, Facebook might bring some well needed fresh blood (and rejuvenated DNA) into the 25 year old company as the latter looks to fend off the growing challenge of web-based rivals like Google.

Facebook showed that it still has the mindset of a startup as it managed to roll out its biggest update yet to more than 500 million users worldwide with a team of only 15 engineers.

A few hours before the new Message system was announced, Bloomberg reported that Facebook surged ahead of Ebay to become the third biggest internet-based company in the US with an estimated market capitalisation of $41 billion.

Chances are that after yesterday's "coup de force" by Zuckerberg et Al, its market value might just have shot up a bit.