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Fix The Web Campaign To Improve Internet Accessibility

A new campaign has been launched in the UK which aiming to make websites more accessible to the older internet users and people with disabilities.

The campaign, which has been initiated by charity Citizens Online, has set up the new website Fix the Web which will allow disabled and old people to report problems they encounter while using the internet.

According to BBC News, a group of dedicated volunteers will report the complaints to the owners of the websites where problems were encountered, who will then be asked to make their platform accessible to people with disabilities.

Citizen Online hopes to recruit around 10,000 volunteers to work on 250,000 websites within the next two years.

Some of the issues that the volunteers will be aiming to fix will be incompatibility with screen readers, no support for non-mouse users, textual difficulties and distracting design lay-outs.

Dr Gail Bradbrook of Citizens Online told BBC News: “I believe many techies would be horrified to think that the web they love so much is excluding people. I firmly believe that this isn't a problem disabled people should have to deal with on their own.”

Dr Bradbrook stressed that the initiative will not be a "name and shame" campaign. Instead, volunteers will work alongside website owners to make the internet accessible to disabled and older people.