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John’s Phone No Frills Mobile Launched

Dutch ad agency John Doe has launched what is being hailed as “the world’s simplest cell phone”.

Not only is it unable to access the internet, ‘John’s Phone’ is also completely lacking any type of camera and is utterly devoid of applications. You can’t even use it to send text messages.

Dubbed the ‘anti-iPhone’, the mobile boasts a three week standby time, enough memory to store 10 numbers on speed dial and, crucially, the ability to “make and receive calls anywhere in the world.”

Available in five different colours - snow, grass, tree, business and sweet - the mobile comes with headphones for hands-free calling, a ringtone with three volume settings, and a vibrate function.

John’s Phone also has a small screen that can display both incoming and outgoing calls, as well as a special address book feature.

“The back of each John’s Phone features a flap with an address book behind it. The left of the flap contains an opening with a small pen: these two unique accessories allow you to update your address file at any time, even when your phone is switched off,” the phone specifications page reads (opens in new tab).

The company is targeting the phone at technophobes, children buying their first mobile and can be purchased for as little as €69.95 from the John’s Phone store (opens in new tab).