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LG sells one million Ones

South Korean consumer electronics giant Lucky Goldstar has just announced they have sold one million of the LG Optimus One Android handsets, in little over a month.

LG's first Android 'Froyo' 2.2 mobile phone has set a company record by reaching 1 million sales, in just 40 days.

The phone is now available in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and soon even America - where it's known as the Optimus S on the Sprint network, Optimus T with T-Mobile and also as the Vortex on Verizon.

It's been clocked as the fastest selling mobile for the company, where in the past LG has only turned out two other Android handsets and all still with the budget mobile market in mind.

The LG Optimus One arrives running version 2.2 of the platform, with a 3.2-inch HVGA capacitive touch screen, a 600Mhz chipset, with the regular additions of Froyo along with some LG customisation to the OS.

There has been some minor reworking of the UI on the budget Optimus One by LG, with tweaks and additions such as an LG overlay to Google Maps, for easy access to the sat nav functions whilst driving and the LG App Advisor for the recommendation of applications.

One Mobile Ring attended the launch event of the LG Optimus One, where we published a walkthrough of the phone's features on pictures that can be seen here and also a video walkthrough too, which can be seen here.

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