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Mac Pro finally gets Nvidia Fermi graphics

Mac Pro-toting video professionals are finally getting some love from Nvidia with the release of the first Fermi-powered graphics card built for Apple's desktop workstations.

The Nvidia Quadro 4000 for Mac is identical to its Windows sibling (despite being as close to twice the price as doesn't matter) and brings 'blazing fast performance' according to the Santa Clara graphics outfit.

Aimed firmly at deep-trousered movie makers, the $1,200 PCI card has been optimised to work with top-end video editing software like Apple's Final Cut Pro and uses parallel processing technology to allow multi-layer visuals and effects to be processed in real time.

It features 256 NVIDIA CUDA processing cores and 2GB of fast GDDR5 memory, can process 890 million triangles per second and works with post 2008 Mac Pros running Mac OS X 10.6.5 or later (the very latest revision of Snow Leopard).

It comes with Dual-Link DisplayPorts which will allow you to install two of them and run four hi-def monitors if your budget is up to it.

It'll be available direct from Apple and authorised resellers later this month. UK pricing hasn't been announced but, by the time you've added Brit taxes and an extra slice for Apple you'll probably just need to replace the $ with a £.