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News@10: Mystery Apple Announcement, Toshiba Cans Folio 100 Down Under & Facebook Email

Apple has posted a mysterious message on its website promising that tomorrow an unforgettable announcement will be made.

The message posted earlier today on teases: "Tomorrow is just another day. That youíll never forget. Check back here tomorrow for an exciting announcement from iTunes."

It's not only in the UK Toshiba has decided to remove the Folio 100 Android-based tablet from the market; in Australia, the Japanese company confirmed that a pre-Christmas launch was out of question.

Facebook has announced that it will give all users a email address that will match their facebook username but did not say when it will be rolled out.Andrew Bosworth, director of engineering at Facebook, said that the move would allow users to refer back to their message history and that the address would encapsulate the new paradigm unveiled during the Facebook event today.

Amazon is planning to bringing the popular Black Friday scheme to the UK for the upcoming holiday season. Black Friday has enjoyed immense success in the US over the last decade and now Amazon is looking to start the same thing here in the UK, The Next Web reports.

HTC Legend users on Vodafone are set to finally receive Froyo, AKA Android OS 2.2, with the roll out having started this morning. It seems that Vodafone has learnt its lessons from the fiasco of the Froyo release for the HTC Desire which had many users up in arms.