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One million Kinect systems sold in ten days

Microsoft reckons it has flogged a million of its Kinect controllerless controllers in its first ten days on sale.

The motion-sensing device formerly known as project Natal went on sale one November 4th and, despite receiving mixed reviews from users and pundits, is already on track to hit Microsoft's ambitious predictions for what out American cousins insist on calling 'the holiday season'.

Sales of the wave-your-hands-in-the-air-like-you-just-don't-care controller are expected to get a healthy boost on Black Friday which is basically the last pay day before Christmas in the USA and traditionally retail's biggest day of the year. And the Redmond Massive says it will shift five million units before the year is out.

Microsoft has declined to break the sales down into those sold as stand-alone units as opposed to console and Kinect bundles.

On its own, the set top device sells for around £130 in the UK and bundles start at £250. As usual, demand is expected to outstrip supply in the UK running up to Chrimbo and you can check prices and stock levels on this handy web site.

We're still convinced that the Kinect was designed with American teens with giant bedrooms in mind, and predict that UK retailers will be swamped with returns as British kids realise they don't have the acres of space needed to make the Kinect work properly.

The peripheral needs a full head-to-toe view of each of the players involved in a game and recommends at least eight feet of space between the TV and the participants for two-player games.

We reckon there's going to be a lot of furniture moving going on between Christmas and the New Year as people reconfigure their living spaces to accommodate the Kinect.