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Oracle Solaris 11 Express Released

Oracle has released the Solaris 11 Express version of the Unix operating system to developers.

The Express version, which has been launched ahead of the full-release next year, comes with a number of changes in the way system administrators install, patch and deliver applications on the platform.

According to Oracle, the new Solaris will reduce planned downtime by more than half. The boot time in Solaris 11 Express is significantly lower as well, only lasting "tens of seconds".

Oracle said that the operating system will include support for network virtualisation capabilities, integration with Oracle's online support portal and support for the ZFS file system.

John Fowler, executive vice president for systems at Oracle, said in a statement: “Through the same engineering disciplines that achieved legendary mission-critical reputation for Solaris, we are expecting Solaris 11 to further reduce any downtime by being quicker and easier to deploy, maintain and update.”

The Solaris 11 preview version includes many additional resource management tools, less complexities and network loads, and enhanced performance of Fusion Middleware 11g.

According to PC World, the Solaris 11 Express release comes after the company decided to cancel the Open Solaris project and focus on the commercial aspects of the operating system.