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Path: The ‘Less Social’ Social Network

A new social network, set up by former Facebook exec Dave Morin and Napster founder Shawn Fanning, has emerged on to the scene.

The new photo-sharing platform differs from run of the mill social networks however, as it places an emphasis on closer personal relationships. This is in stark contrast to the likes of Facebook, where any one person can befriend hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Path on the other hand only allows users to befriend fifty people and no more.

Justifying the company’s approach, founder Dave Morin said to The New York Times: “If you look at how these networks are grown, they start out really high-quality and as more and more people join, it becomes hard to find people you care about. With Path, you have to be friends with them in the real world in order for them to pop up on your screen.”

Morin also referred to the organisation as a ‘personal network’ rather than a social network due to the emphasis on closer and more personal friendships.