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Path Limits Users To 50 Friends

The newly launched Path photo sharing and networking site for smartphones allows users to share information with up to 50 people.

Founded by a former Facebook employee named Dave Morin and officially launched on Monday, Path was created to offer exclusive social networking between a few selected individuals.

The decision to limit a user's number of friends to 50 is largely based on Robin Dunbar’s study, which claimed that human brain is too small to handle more than 150 relationships at any given time.

Morin said that most people usually have five close friends which they can trust the most, 20 BFF’s with which they spend most of their time and 50 people that are connected to their personal network. According to Morin ‘Path’ is built exactly for that.

Investors in Path include actor Ashton Kutcher, Silicon Valley financiers Tim Draper and Tim Conway, along with various other notable persons like Dustin Moskovitz who was a former roommate of Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg, Information Week reports.