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Picture : Virgin Media 3D/HD 1TB TiVo Box

Earlier this month, Virgin Media revealed that it will be selling a 1TB TiVo box that will be HD and 3D compatible; we had yet to see the beast but yesterday, a page popped up on Virgin media's page showing a few details of the set top box underneath a red drape.

A reader pointed us to a page, which can be found here and doesn't give more details on the pricing or availability of the box. It only points out to the fact that "something special's coming".

Users will be able to store up to 500 hours worth of programmes on the 1TB onboard storage and there will be an internal modem that will bring internet to your television set. We are not sure whether this means connecting an additional cable to the television.

The set top box doesn't look anything like any set top box currently on Cisco's website. Indeed, the Virgin Media TiVo box doesn't look like the US TiVo Premiere box at all.

However, the latter - which was launched back in March 2010 - did come with 1TB which means that the VM TiVo box could be a reworked version complete with the unbranded version of the TiVo box remote control.

The front of the box doesn't seem to carry anything other than two status lights (ed : surely there must be a LCD screen somewhere). We suspect that Virgin Media will launch the TiVo box at the same time as its 100Mbps broadband line.