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Ubuntu Debuts Improved Linux Mint 10

An improved version of Linux Mint 10 has been released offering an enhanced user experience, DVD playback, Java and additional media codecs.

According to theLinux Mint Blog, enhancements have been made to the main menu, which will now highlight newly installed applications and allow for users to find and install applications from the repositories.

Users are also able to easily add their favourite applications to the menu and even click on an 'All Applications' button for a complete overview of the apps installed on the platform.

The Update Manger of the operating system has also been upgraded to provide the option of installing updates later as well as showing the size of downloads. The software manager on the platform has also undergone some radical changes that enhance application categorisation and icons.

ZD Net claim that the operating system is proving to be highly popular and the download rate is currently so high that its servers have not been able to keep up with it.