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Why Is The Nexus 2 Called Nexus S : Google CEO Gives Hint

During yesterday's Web 2.0 summit 2010, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google was asked a question over the successor of the Nexus One by John Battelle of Federated Media.

Battelle reminded Schmidt about the fact that he said, earlier this year, that there wouldn't be any Nexus Two following the closure of the Nexus store and the EOL-ing of the Nexus One.

Schmidt replied that he just said that there WOULD'NT be any Nexus Two but did not say anything about no Nexus S at which point he turned slightly sarcastic pointing the interviewers to similarities between the S and a 2.

This prompted co-interviewer Tim O'reilly to make a quick comment about the fact that the S and the 2 are mirrors of each other (he used the term "dyslexic").

The whole discussion lasted only 25 seconds but proved that Schmidt can be a redoubtable interlocutor, an ace at the rules of semantics. You can follow the whole conversation on Youtube below; the interesting bit occurs at 11:20.