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Windows Phone 7 May Wreck microSD Cards

The newly launched Windows Phone 7 Operating System corrupts the data on microSD cards reports suggest.

According to The Inquirer, once a Micro SD card is used in any Windows Phone 7 device it becomes redundant. This is because when it is removed from the device and used on another the data on the card becomes corrupted and unusable.

US telecom giant AT&T has already warned customers that have purchased Samsung Focus smartphone with Windows Phone 7 platform, to put a hold on microSD card purchases.

As a result, users wanting to upgrade to a microSD with bigger memory may have to wait until a new type of card comes out which can work with Windows Phone 7 devices without ruining the data.

According to Samsung, once a microSD is used in a Windows Phone 7 device the card cannot be used in any other handsets. The electronics giant has also announced the SanDisk 8GB class 2 MicroSD which is fully Windows Phone 7 compliant.

On Microsoft's help and support forum, the company has already warned users about issue and has also said that removal of the card will disable all phone function except for emergency calls, although the phone will function normally once the card is reinserted.