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YouTube gets its own anti-terrorist squad

YouTube is taking on extra staff to review video submissions because the outfit's current vetting systems are failing.

Following the posting of a number of 'hate videos' produced by Al Qaeda, the company's top dog Eric Schmidt said that Youtube would be "adding people to do reviews of videos" according to a shrill report in the Telegraph.

The video streaming site is currently drowning under a tide of user videos which reportedly adds up to an average of 35 hours of clips being uploaded each and every minute of the day, and the current method of relying on algorithms and community complaints in order to weed out unsuitable, unpleasant or illegal material just isn't cutting the mustard.

Apparently, YouTube was pressured into removing several inflammatory videos after the UK Government complained to the White House. Obviously Her Majesty's Government thinks Schmidt works for Obama.

The videos were claimed to violate YouTube's terms of service which ban material which promotes "dangerous or illegal activities such as bomb-making, hate speech or incitement to commit specific and serious acts of violence”.