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Photos Of Full Body Scanner Leaked Online

Technology blog Gizmodo has leaked 100 images that were taken from a full-body scanning machine at a court house in Florida.

The controversy lies in the fact that the leaked images were not supposed to be saved in the first place but US Marshals using the scanning machine at the court house did so anyway.

The images were retrieved under the Freedom of Information Act after Gizmodo found that US Marshals had improperly saved around 35,000 full-body scan images that reveal the intimate body parts of citizens and public servants visiting the court house.

The photos posted by Gizmodo were blurred to preserve the modesty of those in the photos.

According to Gizmodo the images leaked were taken from a low-resolution Gen 2 millimeter wave scanner developed by Brijot Imaging Systems.

The leak highlights the security implications of full-body scanners installed at important government buildings and airports. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the images taken by the scanners are automatically deleted and federal employees operating the machines are not allow to save them.