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Beatles Back Catalogue Dominates iTunes

Songs by The Beatles have stormed the iTunes UK's top 200 chart, 24 hours after becoming available on iTunes.

According to UK daily newspaper The Guardian, 31 songs belonging the Fab Four are now in the iTunes UK's top 200 chart.

The highest charting Beatles track may only be at number 40, but the band still remains popular 40 years after breaking up.

Hey Jude tops the list of Beatles songs, and song like Twist and Shout, Let It Be, I Want to Hold Your Hand and Strawberry Fields are also proving to be popular with iTunes users.

Even lesser known tracks by The Beetles, like Hey Bulldog and You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, are popular downloads .

However, a number of the songs on the list are appearing twice as they are available both on individual albums and compilations.

The entire back catalogue of Beatles songs are also available as a £125 set.