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Are Kogan LED Television Sets Really The Cheapest In The UK?

We are always dubious of new companies who come to the market and promise to change everything overnight and Kogan, the company founded by Australian entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan, doesn't escape the rule.

Kogan's business model is tried and trusted, one that worked particularly well for Michael Dell; cut the middlemen (agent, importer, wholesaler, retailer) and sell directly from the manfuacturer to the customer.

With that in mind, we compared the prices of the four TV sets available on the UK market to their respective competitors. The first thing we've noticed is the huge difference in pricing between Kogan Direct on Ebay and Kogan, the online store.

Ebay outlets are supposed to be vastly cheaper than online stores but Kogan seems to be the exception. The 19-inch model costs £129 instore but £157 on Ebay, the 22-inch one, £169 at the online store and £201 on Ebay, the 24-inch one £189 at and £224 on Ebay and the 26-inch model £289 and £338.50.

Well, Kogan appears to be sticking to its promises; the cheapest 19-inch LED TV we could find from Sainsburys (LG Branded) costs £150, a 22-inch Hitachi model costs £180 and a 24-inch Bush LED LCD TV goes for a tad under £200 at Argos.

The £240 LG 26LE3300 HD-Ready television set retails for significantly cheaper than Kogan's equivalent TV set but then all the Kogan TV sets (except for the smallest 19-inch models) are full HD models that come with simple PVR capabilities.