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Apple appoints ex-arms dealer to board

A former employee of the company which makes B-2 stealth bombers as been appointed to the Apple board of directors.

Ronald D Sugar was the chairman of controversial 'aerospace and defence' outfit Northrop Grumman between 2003 and until he retired in 2009.

But Apple announced today that it had manged to lure Sugar away from tending his roses and ambling down the corner shop for another pack of mints. He will take up his position as chair of the company's Audit and Finance Comittee from today, stepping into a role formerly shared by board members Bill Campbell and Arthur Levinson.

Sugar will no doubt be tasked with making sure that the company doesn't slip up in its dealings with the SEC which recently cost Apple north of $20 million. Or at the very least he'll make sure the company doesn't get caught.

In an official announcement, Apple supremo Steve Jobs said, "Ron is an engineer at heart, who then became a very successful business leader. We are very excited to welcome him to Apple’s Board. In addition to having been the CEO of a high-tech Fortune 100 company, Ron has a PhD in engineering and has been involved in the development of some very sophisticated technology.”

He failed to mention that some of that technology is capable of blowing human beings to bits from miles away.

Everyone also seems to be keeping quiet about the fact that Northrop Grumman was once fined $15 million for 110 violations of the Arms Export Control Act and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Or that the arms-dealing outfit has twice been sued by the US Government for supplying broken aircraft and overcharging for space projects.

And let's not dwell on the fact that it was also caught flogging computer guidance systems to Angola, Indonesia, Israel, China, Ukraine and Yemen without informing the proper authorities.

We wish Mr Sugar every sucess in his new position.