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Beatles On Apple iTunes? It's Cheaper To Buy The CDs

The 13 albums of the world's most famous music band, the Beatles, are now available on iTunes and all 31 songs are already listed in the iTunes UK's top 200 chart.

However, even the most fervent fans may baulk at the price of the entire back catalogue of the Fab Four which currently stands at £125 on iTunes.

It may come as a surprise, but the complete remastered work of the Liverpudlian rock group, which has been remastered last year, can be purchased from elsewhere for less.

Amazon sells the The Beatles box set, remastered in stereo which is sold as the "Box Set, Collector's Edition, Original Recording Remastered" version, for only £120.

The main difference with Apple iTunes is that you get the 16 discs, which includes the albums and two EP discs containing the past masters collection of non-album tracks.

Furthermore, the box set comes with a number of bonuses with loads of rare footage, photos, unheard conversations and background notes that lack from the online-only version.

While you can actually rip the CDs though into uncompressed high quality files, you can't possibly extract the same value for money from downloaded iTunes tracks.