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BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad - on video

Canadian email handset manufacturer Research In Motion has just published a video comparison of the BlackBerry PlayBook up against the Apple iPad, which really highlights the worth of the upcoming BlackBerry tablet.

RIM has gone on the offensive with this video, all in order to show exactly what the PlayBook has over the iPad in the web surfing prowess department.

The video does show how fast the BlackBerry Playbook loads and handles websites, which is much faster than the Apple iPad besides highlighting for the first time the two size comparisons - where the PlayBook appears to be far more portable than the Apple device and subsequently easier to manage.

RIM's footage goes on to fault the iPad's web browsing capabilities as a whole, where web sites completely load up on the BlackBerry device and even before the Apple tablet has started to load them.

There is also the native HTML5 ability of the RIM PlayBook to consider, along with being able to handle Flash content - which the Apple iPad cannot.

The BlackBerry Tablet won't be shipping until January, where it doesn't even have access to a SIM card and already loses out on that front although it's driven by a much faster Cortex A9 processor - whereas the Apple iPad runs from a slower A8.

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