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Google Voice For iPhone Hits The App Store

The official Google Voice app for the iPhone is now available to download from the App Store having got approval from Apple.

In a blog post, the company said that the native Google Voice app for the iPhone will bring all the traditional Google Voice features to the iPhone, like free text messages in the US, cheap international phone calls, voicemail transcriptions and the ability to display the Google Voice number as caller ID while making calls.

Previously, Google had launched a Google Voice app for the iPhone only for it to be blocked by Apple from the iTunes App Store. Unfettered, Google had released a web-based version of Google Voice that could be accessed from the iPhone's web browser.

According to Google, the new app supports push notifications that instantly alerts users that they have received a new voicemail or text message. The company also said that a majority of the calls will be placed using Direct Access Numbers, allowing them to connect as quickly as regular phone calls.