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Fitwatch Back Online After Ban

Fitwatch is now back up and running after being taken down on the orders of the Metropolitan Police.

The Metropolitan Police had demanded Fitwatch’s web hosting provider suspend the domain name after a blog offering advice to students fearing arrest in the aftermath of last week’s protest at the Millbank complex was posted on the site.

Thanking the Metropolitan Police for the publicity, Fitwatch says it’s back “with a secure server, massive coverage and a clear message that we’re here to stay.”

Fitwatch claims that over 100 sites have reposted the original blog and that it has been “overwhelmed” by the level of support it has received.

“This was a real attempt to squash dissent and criticism of the police, as well as attempting to stifle common sense advice to protesters subject to a witch hunt by the right wing press. The solidarity given by so many people has ensured this hasn’t happened, and has shown we can fight back,” Fitwatch wrote.

“Even if we were to be arrested and prosecuted now, we would still be grateful to CO11 for the amount of publicity they’ve generated for us.”

Fitwatch isn’t entirely out of the woods yet and there are still a range of options the Met could use take to take the site down yet again.