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John's Phone : Four Other Alternative Mobile Handsets From 99p

By now, you probably all heard about the John's phone, a minimalist phone that has been labelled as the simplest mobile phone in the world and has been apparently designed for "anti-smartphone users".

We really love the concept but balked at the price, which at £67, is extremely expensive for what it does (ed : John's Phone website is down right now, probably DDoS'ed by swarms of curious web users).

If you want a cheap, extremely simple phone but don't want to pay through the nose for it, then here are our top four.

The first handset we'd suggest is the Alcatel OT-209 which is the cheapest phone in the UK and certainly a VERY basic one. You can make calls and send texts, something that's lacking on the John's phone. It has a FM radio and offers a five hours talktime.

Another worthy alternative to the John's phone is the LG GS101 which costs £3.95 (plus £10 top-up on Virgin Media). It comes with one of the longest standby times we've ever seen on any handset and is unlikely to be missed if lost or stolen.

The other handset that got some coverage at the beginning of the year was the Tesco VX1i mini mobile "party" phone which sold for £20 and was touted as the ultimate dispensable handset, selling more than 10,000 units at Tesco. You can still grab them from Tesco little as £9.48.

If you don't mind a more traditional candy bar mobile phone on PAYG, then why not grab this Samsung E1170 from T-Mobile for only £9.99. It has more features than the John's phone and is likely to last longer as well plus you can buy six of these and still have some change left.