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Microsoft Shows Off Power Of Azure Cloud Platform

Microsoft has published the results of a series of tests performed by the supercomputing software tools on its Azure cloud platform.

The test, conducted jointly by Microsoft and Seattle Children's Hospital, was highlighted by the company during the Supercomputing 2010 conference.

The collaboration involved researchers running a large chain protein sequence through Blast, a supercomputing software tool used by drug companies, to determine the effects a new drug will have on the human body.

ZD Net reports that performing this kind of task would normally cost the hospital $3 million and would also require the hospital to build and run a data centre on-premise. Instead, the company completed the test for a little over $18,000.

According to the company, instead of running the software on local systems, Microsoft ported the software to the Azure cloud platform. The company has offered the results of the test to the scientific community along with the Azure version of the Blast tool.