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New York teacher gets eye in the back of his head

When I was a wee small boy at school, I had a religious education teacher called Mr Broadfoot.

He was kindly-looking elderly gentleman with long white hair and a little goatee beard. Imagine what you might get if you mated Santa and Colonel Sanders and you're not too far off.

I say 'kindly-looking' because he was, in fact, a sadistic old git who could one minute be writing jolly stuff about David and Goliath on the blackboard, but could turn on his heel in a fraction of a second and thwack a wooden blackbroad eraser dead in the centre of a chattering boy's forehead from thirty feet away.

When he died suddenly we planted a tree in his honour. What I would really liked to have done was find out if he really did have the eyes in the back of his head as we all suspected.

No doubt acting on the old adage, a New York photography professor has decided to have a miniature camera implanted in the back of his bonce.

The camera will broadcast a live stream of whatever is going on behind Prof Wafaa Bilal as part of an art project commissioned by a new museum in Qatar.

Which all sounds jolly good fun except for the fact that, in the land of the free, you can't just go around videoing everyone willy nilly.

Bilal has been forced to cover the camera with a lens cap whenever he is on campus, which makes the whole project a bit pointless.

No doubt he'll look back on the whole thing and laugh later.