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Palm CEO Outlines webOS 2011 Roadmap

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has provided a vague outline of the roadmap HP plans to take for launching webOS-based Palm devices in the future.

Speaking during the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Rubinstein told the crowd that Palm was working on a number of smartphones and a tablet device, which he said will be a "hit" when launched next year.

Without giving a definitive roadmap, the CEO said that the WebOS device portfolio will grow substantially over the next 12 months.

When asked about why he had lain low over the past few months following the acquisition of his company by HP, Rubinstein said: “When you go through an acquisition, you can get the wind knocked out of your sails. Everyone is back to work now and we're executing. I always try to do products that are leading edge and I expect to see an impact.”

Previously, Palm and HP had said that they would work closely to bring webOS to a number of devices, including printers, slates and tablet devices to form an ecosystem full of connected devices.

HP had also unveiled the PhotoSmart eStation All-In-One, the first printer to run on webOS 2.0.