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Top 20 Beatles iTunes tunes

We'll just get this out of the way quickly so we can all get back to work:

20. Lucy On The iPad With Diamonds
19. A Day in the iLife
18. Hey Turtleneck
17. iPhone The Walrus
16. Why Don't We Do It In White?
15. Carry that weight
14. iSaw Her Standing There
13. Paperback Blighter
12. Lady Proximity
11. His Majesty

10. Rubber Band
9. I Want To Hold Your iPhone (You're Holding It Wrong Remix)
8. While My Bank Manager Gently Weeps
7. One After 404
6. Maggie Mae Get Through
5. Maxwell's Silver Antenna
4. All You Need is Thirty Quid a Month
3. You're Going to Lose That Call
2. Ob-la-di-nora
1. Sgt Pepper's Phone's Held Together With a Rubber Band