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Unlock The Orange San Francisco Smartphone For Free

Unlocking the Orange San Francisco smartphone, our new £89 favourite Android handset, is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5 steps and best of all, this can be done for free (at least at the time this article has been written).

Some websites will charge you up to £10 to do that procedure. Obviously doing so could void your warranty and this is something you will have to consider before doing it.

Furthermore, unlocking your phone doesn't mean that it will be debranded; it only means that you will be able to put a SIM card from another mobile phone provider. So here are the steps;

Step 1 : Get a SIM card from any mobile phone carriers other than Orange; we tried with 3 UK. It doesn't matter whether you have already inserted and used the Orange SIM card that came with it.

Step 2 : Make sure you charge your phone and that there's enough juice to last for a few minutes; you don't want the phone to die on you while the unlocking process is taking place.

Step 3 : Get the phone's IMEI number which can be found behind the battery (you will have to remove the cover and the battery to find it).

Step 4 : Enter the IMEI number here, choose Service ZTE, Models SFR 341 from the drop down menu, enter the displayed text and press on "order" to generate an 8-digit long number.

Step 5 : Switch on the phone with the non-Orange SIM and you will be prompted to enter an unlock code. Enter the 8-digit number and press "unlock".

That's it; You can now enjoy the phone without any network constraints.