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Vaizey Plans To Ditch Net Neutrality

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey has suggested that Internet Service Providers could soon be allowed to drop net neutrality and prioritise paying content providers.

The Minster told a telecoms conference hosted by The Financial Times that: "Under the new provisions providers must present information about their service, including the nature and extent of their traffic management policies and their impact on service quality in a clear, visible and easy to understand form for all their customers."

The move away from net neutrality could lead to certain websites, willing to pay ISP’s such as Sky and BT for preferential treatment, being able to deliver material to users much faster and possibly affecting the online traffic of non-paying websites.

This could be especially crucial to websites that rely on a quick delivery of content, such as video and online gaming sites.

The move has been roundly criticised by net neutrality advocates. Google and the BBC have both warned in the past that the government shouldn’t abandon net neutrality as it could stifle innovation and harm the growth of the online market.