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5 Reasons Why The Orange San Francisco Bests The HTC Wildfire

We have the Orange San Francisco Android-based smartphone in the office and we love it to bits; truth be said, even at twice the price it would have been an absolute stunner, significantly better than what appears to be the current favourite entry level Android handset.

The phone is slightly heavier (by 12g) than the Wildfire but it is thinner and slimmer than the HTC handset. This makes the Orange San Francisco reassuringly heavy, just like the iPhone 4.

It has a bigger 3.5-inch screen compared to the 3.2-inch display of the Wildfire. Qualitywise as well, the AMOLED on the SF looks better than the TFT screen of the HTC phone.

Then there's the resolution; at 480x800 pixels, the San Francisco has FIVE times the screen resolution of the HTC Wildfire (and more than four times the pixel density) which translates into much sharper images.

The SF comes with a MSM7227 600MHz processor and 512MB RAM; in comparison, the Wildfire comes with an older 528MHz MSM7225 Qualcomm processor with only 384MB RAM. Not only should the SF be significantly faster than the Wildfire, it will also run cooler and consume less energy.

Then there's the cost; the Orange San Francisco can be purchased for as little as £89.95 plus a compulsory £10 Orange topup (see here) with free delivery and can be unlocked for free (see here). In comparison, the cheapest HTC Wildfire even on PAYG costs a whopping £140 while the SIM free version is more than twice the price of the SF at £198.

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