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Analytics For Twitter To Make Official Debut

Twitter is on the verge of release an official Analytics service as it has released the new product to a small group of Twitter users; earlier this year, Twitter announced that it will be rolling out such a service by the end of 2010.

Mashable has a couple of screenshots that show a timeline activity as well as promoted tweets. Evan Williams, the CEO of Twitter, is expected announce something big when he is interviewed at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco.

The service will be free and is likely to cause a number of third party services like Twitter Analyzer or Crowdbooster to reconsider their business models or exit the market altogether.

Twitter purchased a little known company called Smallthought systems back in June 2010. The startup built an analytics service called Trendly. The new service is expected to show things like retweets, replies, faves with three categories including best, good and all.

One can expect Twitter to include the Analytics package with its URL shortener service,, which will turn it in a fully-fledged competitor to and