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BBC Will Fight ISPs To Maintain Net-Neutrality

The Beeb has revealed that it will not stay silent should internet service providers start to proactively downgrade the quality of the video content being streamed from popular on demand service, iPlayer.

The move came after Ed Vaizey, the Communications Minister, confirmed that the current government didn't have any plans to prevent ISPs from implementing straight-forward tiered internet access.

The BBC's director of future media and technology, Erik Huggers, told an audience attending the Financial Times Conference that the corporation will present a traffic light warning system, similar to what is used by the food industry.

This would allow BBC viewers to choose their ISPs depending on whether they are throttling their internet connections or not, thereby allowing consumers to make an informed decision on whether they have to move or stick with their current ISPs.

Huggers has already said that it is unlikely that the BBC will pay ISP to get preferential treatment when it comes to delivering iPlayer content. Allowing the market complete freedom could have some serious impact on freedom of speech and UK media in general.