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Call of Duty: Black Ops Breaks Record, Sells 5.7 Million Copies In 24 Hours

Since release, Call Of Duty: Black Ops has smashed previous games industry records after having the largest entertainment launch of all time.

The latest installment in the FPS series managed to sell 5.7 million copies worldwide on its first day, whilst the previous title in the series Modern Warfare 2 only managed to sell 1.8 million in the same time frame.

The Xbox 360 version of Black Ops managed to take 55 per cent of all sales, outselling the PS3 counterpart which only managed 42 per cent.

According to news.idealo the game “made more in 5 days time, than the entire game market, including all formats, did over the past 2 previous weeks.”

Black Ops was launched to much controversy, having been slammed by the Cuban Government and The Alliance For Global Justice for including a level in the game where players can attempt to assassinate a young Fidel Castro.

The game has also a number of reported glitches, which has forced developers Treyarch to make a patch for the PS3 version of the game to correct the faults.