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Free Google document editor comes to mobile browsers

Internet search engine giant Google is enabling editing in Google Docs on mobile devices, for use with document amending inside of a browser for the first time ever.

Google has started to roll out this feature to handsets running Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2, whilst also enabling it for Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad running version 3 or above of the iOS.

Previously it was only possible to view Google documents inside of a web browser, where this new ability allows for documents to be amended and edited – which effectively offers up a free word processor to mobile devices.

Google enabled a similar feature to spreadsheets under Google Docs on phones early last year, which has taken some considerable time to be replicated elsewhere for documents on mobile devices.

The feature can only be used on their current version of Google’s own mobile OS, Android 2.2, which leaves older versions of the platform out in the cold and we feel this could have a useful addition to version 2.1.

One Mobile Ring has tried out this ability of Google Docs on the Samsung Galaxy S running ‘Froyo’, but the feature hasn’t been brought across to the UK yet although we suspect by the weekend is out it will be everywhere.

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