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Fusion Garage To Sell Android-based Joojoo-like Tablet

Fusion Garage's Joojoo tablet will now target enterprises and businesses after it announced a strategic partnership with Japanese vertical market reseller ASTEC.

The latter will customised the first generation Joojoo for corporate applications with the onboard storage of the Joojoo expected to be upgraded to 16GB.

ASTEC may well be the first of many resellers who will start selling the Joojoo with the tablet's forte, the ability to run different operating systems, being touted as its main advantage over other similarly priced tablets.

The device currently comes in at £319 is great for a 12.1-inch tablet based on an Intel Atom processor. The company has also announced that it will be launching a tablet tablet next year based on Google Android OS.

Fusion Garage has confirmed that it will not carry the name Joojoo and that the device will not be backward compatible with the current Joojoo which could mean that it will be based on an ARM platform.

Chandra Rathakrishnan, Fusion Garage founder and CEO, said that he was very pleased with the rapidly increasing vertical market interest in the Joojoo. Whether it will survive the onslaught of rivals like the Galaxy Tab or the iPad remains to be seen.