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Google Docs Editing Comes To Android And iOS Devices

Google has released a new version of Docs for iOS and Android-based devices.

The new Docs brings the ability to edit documents from within the browser on mobile devices. Previously, Google Docs only allowed iOS and Android devices to open and view documents.

According to Google, the improved Google Docs mobile website can be accessed from in-device web browsers running on Android 2.2 or higher and iOS 3.0 and higher.

The new Google Docs mobile site can be visited by going to, and the editing features can be activated by clicking on the 'Edit' tab on the navigation panel after opening a particular document.

Some of the editing features introduced by Google include in-line text editing and the ability to make changes to tables. Android users will also be capable of entering text on a document by spoken dictation.

Google has not been clear about if users will be able to add special characters, change the formatting, insert comments and tables, among other key features, within Docs.