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Harry Potter snippet leaks online

The first 36 minutes of the latest Harry Potter film have been leaked onto the Interwibble, getting movie maker Warner Bros in a right old two and eight.

The film - the first half of the final instalment, dubbed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I - is due for release into cinemas on Friday, but torrenters can get an early sneak peek if they can be bothered to track it down and download it.

Time Warner which owns Warner Bros said an investigation into the leak was under way and told the Wall Street Journal it hadn't been done on purpose to drum up a bit of interest in the wizard romp.

The watermarked clip appeared on Torrents such as and the PirateBay on Monday.

The film premiered in London and New York over the weekend and copies have already been handed out to some critics and hacks. It has also been shipped to cinemas around the planet, so potential sources for the leak are plentiful. Though quite why the first half an hour rather than the whole 15 hours (we're guessing) were leaked is anyone's guess.